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The Wallflower- Anime Review

The first time I saw, the Wallflower was the manga at a bookshop that I would read now and then. Once I found out, there was an anime I was hooked on Wallflower. This anime also hits close to home for me as it's about a girl getting a makeover to be ladylike and my whole thing being a tomboy and what women wanted from me was to be girly.

The Plot

Kyohei and his friends have been mooching off this older lady for years but now it is time to pay their dues. If they can't get shut-in and horror freak Sunako into a beautiful refined lady in a year, they will have to pay rent in the mansion they live in(and, that isn't cheap). Can they change Sunako to a fine lady or will they go in debt paying for rent?

My Review

I liked the anime ok but while the premise made me relate to our lead. I find many of the eps focused more on hot guy fan service than on Sunako. I also find the art style to be very minimum (in many of scenes characters are just white outlines), which works okay as this is mainly a comedy. I'd say give it a watch if you want a makeover comedy, but as for me, I'll likely not see again.

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