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The World God Only Knows- Anime Review

I got this Ultimate Collection a few years ago from, you guessed it, Sentai Sale. I never watched it until now due to other things higher up on the list. It's time in the light has finally come. Was it worth the wait?


Keima Katsuragi is known online as the "God of Conquest" can capture the hearts of girls in dating sims' games. When he accepts a challenge online to prove himself, he assumes it's for a dating sim. Unfortunately, it is from a demon of hell who is sent to the human world to free girls from evil spirits. The only way to do this? Keima must win the hearts of 3 dimensional girls.


The first 2 seasons and the OVA made me half debate keeping this as they were good and unique and Keima was starting to grow on me. That all changed during Season 3 when I started to hate Keima and the plot resorted to the usual "save the world" cliche. Consequently this series did not make my collection shelf. The girl with a loose soul is often the usual tropes of the rich girl, the pop icon, the childhood sweetheart next door etc. Which works for the show due to the fact Keima's only experience with girls is dating sims, but it makes most of the girls seem one note personality. If you like cliche characters, an interesting plot, and dating sims then conquer this series.

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