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Tokyo Babylon- Anime Review

Tokyo Babylon is a short 2 ep series based off a 7 volume series of the same name. I came across Tokyo Babylon after watching the squeal series X(which I'll review sometime) both of which were created by CLAMP. You may know CLAMP's more famous works, Cardcaptor Sakura and Chobits. Does Tokyo Babylon hold a candle to CLAMP's other works?


Subaru Sumerugi is a powerful medium/onmyoji who is often called upon to solve occult mysteries. Subaru is also the head of his family at only 16 from a long line of onmyoji who used to serve the emperor. The world can be a dark place, can Subaru solve the cases and keep his life with the help of his sister Hokuro and friend Seishiro?

My Review

The anime focused on 2 cases involving murder and Subaru helps solve both cases using his medium power. The animation does have the CLAMP style but the box art(the picture in this article) is pretty accurate to the quality of animation. This short lived anime is nothing amazing but it keeps your attention for the run time. I would recommend reading the manga for the full story and this anime will get a rating of 5/10 for being fairly average and doesn't live up to the manga.

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