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Tonari no Seki-kun The Master of Killing Time- Anime Review

I think we all have/had that one person in class/work that is far more interesting than the important work/class. Whatever the reason you are busy watching them and barely if at all paying attention to your class/work. You get so sucked in you fall farther behind then they are in whatever they are doing. If you can relate to this you can relate to this anime.

The Plot

Every day in class Yokoi tries to pay attention in class and not to what her desk neighbor Seki-kun is doing despite how interesting he manages to spend class time. Unfortunately what Seki-kun is doing is way more exciting than what the teacher has to say for the day, and she can't help watching him and not taking notes. No matter how much Yokoi tries to get the teacher to notice what he is doing he always gets away with it. Can Yokoi ever have a peaceful class where she can concentrate on her studies?

My Review

I love how unpredictable this series is, you would think there is only so many things you can do in the back of the classroom on a desk but you'd be wrong. This show goes to show you're only limited by your imagination. If you get bored in class or work maybe this show can give you some tips on how to spend your day?

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