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Toradora!- Anime Review

For the final anime entry in The Month of Love I bring you Toradora! In this series opposites attract between a little girl who is tough and a guy who looks scary but is nice. I don't really recall how I came across this series but yes this is another school romance comedy.

The Plot

Ryuji Takasu is a nice guy who has the unfortunate problem of looking like a punk. He wishes to be with his crush Minori who he is classmates with. Ryuji ends up meeting Taiga who is a violent and negative short girl who is known as the tiger, she also happens to be Minori's best friend. When Ryuji finds out Taiga has a crush on his best friend Yusaku, Taiga and Ryuji team up to set the other up with their crushes.

My Review

Toradora was funny, dramatic and had a great bunch of characters. This is an anime where looks are deceiving. Ryuji is a scary looking guy but loves to clean and is nice, Taiga is a little rich girl with a big attitude, Yukasu is an over the top crazy Student President, Minori is captain of the baseball team and is as odd as the jobs she takes on and, Ami has a double personality. With a main group this literally colorful you can't help loving at least one of them. Toradora gets an 7/10 for being an anime where the one you love first may not be the one you're meant to be with.

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