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Toy Box candy capsule toys- Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

These are Toy Box candy capsule toys. I got them after an Easter sale for only 50 cents each. I figured for the price I'd buy 5 and see how likely that I would get repeat toys. According to the Atlantic Candy Company website, this series is the pocket pets collection.

Upon opening the first toy I will say the chocolate is kind of like Hershey kiss chocolate, simple, and sweet. When I opened the capsule and unwrapped the toy from the plastic the toy for a few seconds smelled like cheap plastic but the smell quickly faded. This continued for all the toys but again if you let the toy air out for a min. it smells okay.

These are the toys they are pretty solid not hollow, or fragile. I'm honestly surprised I didn't get a single duplicate. Many times when you get these mystery box toys it is pretty likely if you buy 5 or so you will get a duplicate but not the case here. I would say if you got a child, and you want to get them both a candy and a toy for not much, then, these are okay. I will rate this an 5/10 for being average in both chocolate and toys.

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