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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle- Anime Review

For the second anime entry in The Month of Love, I present Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle one of CLAMPS most famous works. This series is special as it combines the worlds of many CLAMP works(mostly xxxHolic that I previously reviewed). Tsubasa is a story on how far one will go in order to save the one he loves.

The Plot

Syaoran and Sakura are close friends in the Kingdom of Clow, Sakura is the Princess and Syaoran is the son of an archaeologist whose duty is to explore the ancient ruins in the desert. They have been friends since they were kids and while they feel more than friendship neither has confessed.

One night, the ruins glow and Sakura nearly completes a ceremony where she nearly fuses with the symbol in the ruins. Syaoran rushes in and stops it's completion but this results in Sakura losing all of her memories. The priest of the kingdom sends Syaoran to Japan where he meets the Dimensional Witch named Yuko, who may be able to help. Yuko explains that in order to gather the feathers symbolizing her memories Syaoran must go to other worlds where they are hidden and in doing, so her memories will return except for the ones involving Syaoran himself. If Syaoran manages to gather the memories Sakura will be saved.

Syaoran upon hearing his mission sets out to get the memories that each have their own power, which causes problems in the worlds he travels to. He is not alone however, as a wizard named Fai, a warrior named Kurogane and small white creature named Makona(who has the power to send them to worlds where the feathers are, and can sense them) help him on his quest to save the Princess Sakura.

My Review

This anime will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first anime I was introduced to by my high school anime club. It is also one of the first series I ever collected. The worlds are all unique and have their own rules for surviving them. The characters get fairly fleshed out and each with their own back stories. I love this anime lot and while it's not the "best" anime in existence I give it an 8/10. The only downside is the anime does not have a conclusive ending but the journey is worth watching(the manga has the true ending but if you're reading the manga I recommend reading xxxholic alongside it).

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