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Ultra Maniac- Anime Review

This is a shoujo series I loved watching with my childhood friend and when I was able to buy it I did. I remember it being a fun comedy with 2 best friends and great anime to watch with a friend. It's been a long time since I have seen it though so, I'll have to give it a rewatch and this time a review.


Ayu Tateishi has no interest in magic, she is content being cool, calm and collected in the hopes of impressing her crush Tetsushi Kaji. Her life is turned upside down when Nina Sakura an transfer student turns out to be a witch. Ayu being the only one who knows her secret is forced to help Nina find the five Holy Stones so she can marry the prince of a magical kingdom. It will be a long road however as Nina isn't very good at magic, but great at meddling in Ayu's life.


While this series does have some romance, it does take a backseat to Nina and Ayu's friendship and how despite Nina's mess ups Ayu still loves and accepts her. Ultra Maniac can probably also be classified as an magical girl anime though there isn't really an villain of the week. I love the twist ending in this series that starts from an misunderstanding, so you get an even better happy ending. If friendship and magic are your thing, then give Ultra Maniac a quick spell.

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