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Unpacking- Switch Review

I recently moved and I figured, what better game to review then a game on moving? I saw this game on the Limited Runs website when you could pre-order it and thought it'd be a nice relaxing game to play so I got it.


Follow the various moves of a girl throughout her life from childhood onward.


Everything in the moving boxes has to be unpacked to start the next phase of your life. Everything in the boxes has to go to the right rooms, but other then that you can freely put things away as long as they fit and make some sense. The rooms can range from bedroom, living room, dining room, and bathrooms.


This was a fun and creative game of organizing and planning for where items should go. I enjoyed the story that is told solely through moving boxes on what items made the move and what didn't, and new items popping up over time. It made me recall all the moves I did throughout my life. The ending song for the soundtrack was a very charming touch as well. If you like a cute charming game featuring putting items away in their new home then dig no deeper then Unpacking.

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