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Vampire Knight- Anime and Manga Review

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I will do one of the unthinkable during a Halloweenathon a horror romance series, scary, I know. Vampire Knight was extremely popular while a vampire romance novel series, we all know was popular. Of course, it was mainly to say this was better than that novel series, but was it?

The Plot

The earliest memory, Yuki can remember is when she was rescued by pure blood vampire Kaname. Today, Yuki is a guardian of the school that teaches both humans and vampires, humans in the day and vampires at night. It is her duty to keep peace between the 2 classes as difficult as that sounds considering humans are prey to vampires. School is not Yuki's only problems as her past begins to surface. Can she ever go back to those semi- peaceful school days?

Anime Review

It's been a while since I got so pissed off at an anime. How this anime is made it makes you want to side with one of the main characters, but once you think about all the terrible things he did just to complete his goal you realize what a horrible person he is. The remaining characters range from ok to good, though many are blinded by how bad the main is. If you just want to see handsome guys and vampires you may like Vampire Knight, but as for me I'll pass on seeing it again.

Manga Review

I will say it is better than the anime but not by much. The ending is more satisfying but I still can't imagine being so blinded by love to accept the things one of the mains does. All I learned is apparently if you love someone no matter how horrid the crimes as long as they did them to possess you it is ok. In the end, if you want the true ending give the manga a read but otherwise, this series is a hard pass for me.

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