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Viral By Mike Jeavons- Book Review

I waited over 2 years for this book(I pledged in Oct. 2016, and the book finally got to me at the end of Feb.). I follow Mike Jeavons on YouTube where he reviews infomercial products and does crazy diet trends in his Week On series. When I saw he was making a novel I backed it straight away on Unbound(a Kickstarter for books). It took a long time for it to be fully funded but was the wait worth it?

The Plot

When you are having your private time while watching porn the last thing you want is people to watch you. Chad McKenna's webcam was hacked and recorded his "happy time", and the video ended up on the net. The video spread so fast Chad went from nobody to online celebrity in a matter of days.

Chad suspects his brother Sam(who owns a Technology Company) is the one behind his new unwanted fame. He has every reason to think so as he did punch his brother in the face in front of the company and Sam has always bullied him whenever he had the chance. Is Sam really behind this viral video or does someone else have it out for introverted hero and will Chad ever be able to live a normal life with millions of people having seen his junk?

My Review

I never once guessed right on where this book was going. Viral is honestly more tragedy and comedy, despite how everything starts out. This story is on guy who was a complete nobody and got his fame by wanking off which of course leads to people knowing who he is on the street but not in a good way. If you want pure comedy I'd go elsewhere but if you want a story that is compelling and will always have you guessing what dark or comedic turn it will take I would 100% recommend this book.

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