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Warrior Heir By Cinda Chima- Book Review

I decided I'm far behind on reading novels so, I'm going to review the entire Heir Chronicles which is 5 books, 3 of which I never read. I will read the copy I got years ago in high school with the cover design shown here. I remember loving this book which is why I got the sequels. Will my opinion change after over a decade?

The Plot

Jack is an ordinary boy the only thing that stands out is his scar on his chest from heart surgery and his heart meds. One day, he forgets his meds and realizes he is stronger, faster and more confident. His new found strength is so great, he nearly kills another player during soccer tryouts.Jack soon discovered that he was abnormal, he is what they call a Weirlind, and part of a secret society of magical people. Unfortunately, for him, he is one of the last Warriors at a time when the heads of the Weirlind, The White Roses and The Red Roses are scouting Warriors for The Game. A fight to the death to determine which faction of Roses will have control over the Weir.

My Review

I loved this book about the same as I did years ago. It was a bit darker than I remember it, but then again it is about teenagers fighting to the death in a sport. The characters are fairly fleshed out and while Jack is the main it feels as if the others also greatly impact the story. The magic in the story is also fairly realistic with each Weir having different abilities that make it so no one faction is truly the best. If you like magic, hidden underground societies, and life and death battles I fully recommend The Warrior Heir.

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