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Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores- Book Review

I'm sure if you have worked in retail like I have you get some strange customers. I may have never worked for a bookstore myself but I do volunteer at one (Opens Books an non-profit bookstore in Chicago) though unfortunately I haven't gotten any strange tales from there. When I saw this book in the humor section I had to buy it, and I was not disappointed in how strange the customers are in this book.

What is it about? Werid Things Customers say in Bookstores are all true stories on customers at book stores. The stories are taken from the UK, USA and Canada. The stories range from strange requests like asking if the bookshop sells a screwdriver to asking if its okay for the kids to climb the bookshelves. The stories were all collected by Jen Campbell from an internet post she made and many of the stories are from her personal experiences.

My review I enjoyed reading this book from cover to cover and working in retail myself I could relate though my experiences pale in comparison. This book made me laugh(quietly as I mostly read on the CTA) a good amount. I honestly feel bad for the bookshop employees in this book with the weird to rude customers in the book. If you ever worked in retail or customer service then you may enjoy this book that makes you think "at least my day was never this crazy", this book gets an 8/10. I also plan to read the sequel that I just found out exists.

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