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Wheel of Fortune- Nintendo DS Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

If you like game shows you probably know and love Wheel of Fortune, which to me is one of the best game shows I ever seen. Wheel of Fortune is a great game on luck of the draw(well spin) and knowledge where you can win even a million dollars if you get that million dollars flag. It has been around for years, so it just makes sense to make a video game on it.

This game has been ported to many consoles but again we'll be reviewing the DS version. Why DS you ask? ; Because my 3DS XL is the only console I own currently, and I don't do emulators. I hope in the future to be able to afford a Switch, but I digress.

The DS version is an easy to pick up and play game great for on the go gaming. While the avatars are frankly ugly, yes even uglier tthanthe box art the graphics are decent and having the keypad on the touch screen makes it easy to solve puzzles with the stylus. There is 3 difficulty settings easy, medium, and hard. I currently play it on the medium setting as it gives a fair challenge. The easy setting is often too easy as the Ai's will guess letters like X and Z or get lost turns and bankrupts a lot which you will eventually win regardless if you try.

The game play is fairly simple as all functions are on the touch screen with the stylus. You spin the wheel, select options, choose letters and solve puzzles all without a single button. I feel fully in control of the game this way and I'm glad they didn't try to needlessly make button commands or having to use the d pad to select options. What's even better is you can pick what keyboard to use to select letters from A-Z, or the classic QWERTY keyboard.

If you win the game (have gotten to the wheel that holds the envelopes of puzzles and money and solved the last puzzle in the time limit) the money is added to your profile(which you create with your name and avatar) the more money you have the more you can customize your avatar and even the host's avatars. I put Pat in a tropical t-shirt for all games for the fun of it. No you can't make Vanna White wear a bikini sorry guys.

All in all it's a good game I played at least 15 rounds and not once have I seen a repeating puzzle so iit'slikely it'll last many more without a repeat to always keep you playing(the game box states there is 8,000 different puzzles). The only downside is the game won't automatically save your progress mid game you have to select it to save before you turn off your system but it is quick at saving. I will give this game a 7/10 for being a good time killer and functions wonderfully but not the best in graphics and no automatic saving like the monopoly one. I admittedly accidentally deleted my save data by forgetting to manually save. You can easily find it for under $10 bucks I won mine in an eBay bid for $.99 but I'm sure that was just luck.

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