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When They Cry- Anime Review

This is an anime I learned about during the Sentai Filmworks sale in Black Friday the complete series on Blu-ray at the time was sold for less than 35 bucks and after seeing a few eps I decided to get it. I love horror anime or not and considering this is one of the more famous horror anime series I figured I should give it a shot.

The Plot

Keiichi who has recently moved to Hinamizawa discovers that the peaceful small town may not be all that peaceful. Every year at the Festival a person dies and another disappears. His new found friends seem to be hiding something and be involved in what is going on. What are they hiding in this small peaceful village? Can he trust his friends or should he be running for his life?

My Review

I can honestly say I was a bit disappointed in this series. Each collection of eps is just a slightly different view or take of the same Cotton Drifting Festival. It got pretty repetitive due to this and while there was blood and violence I wouldn't call it scary. I'm unsure if the scary factor is just the anime, or the fact I got so disconnected to this series I didn't get disturbed by the killing of kids and kids killing. If you want to see every point of view of a single horrific event and see the mystery of why this village is insane solved then you may like this but there is far better horror anime out there.

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