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Why Do Men Have Nipples?(and sequel)- Book Review

A little known fact about me is I love pointless trivia, stuff that is unlikely to be useful in everyday life but is interesting to read. Why Do Men have Nipples is one of those, but since it features medical info, it may be useful after all. I got both "Why Do Men Have Nipples?", and the sequel "Why Do Men Fall Asleep after Sex?" and will be reviewing both as they are basically the same thing.

About The Book Why Do Men have Nipples(and sequel) is all about weird questions you wouldn't normally ask your doctor about, but you are curious to the answer. The book mentions you'd only ask if you were drunk at a party and happened to meet a doctor there. There is many categories including sex, food, biology and more.

My Review I liked both of these books and its a shame there isn't more of them. I found all the questions while strange had satisfying answers to them as the answers are all fact backed by medical knowledge and science. If you ever wanted to ask your doctor strange questions but were too embarrassed to do so then the answer may be in these books.

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