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Wolf's Rain- Anime Review

I'm surprised it took me so long to get to this series considering the title. I did read the original manga but it's been so long, I barely remember it. All I remember is the main characters turn into wolves. I finally got this anime so decided to give it a watch.


According to legend, Paradise will appear at the end of the world and only wolves will be able to find it. Surviving the past 200 years in the illusion of being human, wolves have lived on. Four wolves will have to work together to find the Lunar Flower that will be the key to entering Paradise.


Like most end of the world anime, this was a sad sit. I will probably say it is one of the most depressing series I saw since Casshern Sins. Many tears were shed during my watch, but it was all worth it to see how it ends. Every character is likable in some form and you keep watching to see if they make it to paradise. If you need something sad, serious, and still gives you hope to the end, I recommend seeing this series at least once.

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