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X -Anime Review

I find it fitting to do this series for this years Favorites Month as the year it takes place is 1999 almost 20 years from the time this takes place. I'm sure it's not surprising to anyone that I'm featuring another CLAMP title as I have done many CLAMP works in the past. X along with Tsubasa where the first anime series I owned from CLAMP so this review was a long time coming.

The Plot

Kamui returns to Toyko after 6 years to fulfill his destiny of choosing the fate of earth. There is 2 factions to choose from, The Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth, who both want Kamui to pick them as their side. The Dragons of Heaven are the protectors of Kekkai(spiritual energy that holds the fabric of nature) and as long as there is Kekai Judgement Day is postponed. The Dragons of Earth wish to destroy the Kekkai so the earth is cleansed from the plague that is humanity. Which side will he choose and can he live with the consequences of the choice when it means he may lose a close friend?

My Review

This is to me another CLAMP classic. I don't know how they do it with these deep and often complicated stories with twists and turns, but they once again succeed. I enjoyed most of the characters even a couple of the Dragons of Earth. This is a tragic tale so if you don't like death and suffering I'd probably go with a lighter tone anime to watch.

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