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XxxHolic- Manga Review

Years ago, I reviewed the anime of this series, but after reading this series several times I realized I never reviewed the manga. The manga itself is fairly interesting as it is tied to the Tsubasa manga and the stories are intertwined together. To get the full story of xxxHolic, I would recommend reading Tsubasa as well.


Kimihiro Watanuki struggles with relationships like any other teenage boy and it doesn't help he lives alone with no parents. What is not normal is the fact he can see spirits, and the spirits often cause problems for him.

One day, he ends up at a strange store run by a lady named Yuko. Yuko specializes in wishes and offers to get rid of Watanuki's ability to see spirits, but for a price. His price was a part-time job at her shop, helping fulfill the wishes of man and spirits alike. Luckily, his ability is useful in this type of work and the small part-time job may change his future.


I like the slightly dark mysterious tone of this series that is there from the beginning to the end. If you have read the previous manga and anime reviews I find Japanese folklore including yokai fascinating and this fits the bill. Watanuki is a bit of a spaz, but I find he is balanced by the other characters nicely and he grows throughout the series as he experiences new things. If you like Japanese folklore, spirits, and mysteries then XxxHolic may grant your wish.

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