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Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories- Anime Review

Here is another ghost story's series for this years Halloweenathon only this one is a creepy collection of ghost stories and not much else(not that it's a bad thing). I first heard of this series during a free anime con event in a college in Chicago. I saw a couple eps of this, there during their Anime Bingo event, and I wanted to see the whole thing but of course since then I forgot.

The Plot A strange old man comes to a childrens playground and tells a Japanese ghost story using paper dramas to illiterate it. He does this every week at 5pm sharp and no one knows who he is as he wears a mask.

My Review This series was surprisingly good even though each ep was only 3-5min. I wasn't sure I'd like the paper drama style animation, but it grew on me. If you want a series that is creepy and also short and sweet give Yamishibai a try it won't take up much of your time.

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