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Your Lie in April- Anime Review

Your Lie in April is my first reviewer request! I have heard many things about this anime at Anime Midwest on how great it is, and how it is a tearjerker. This anime showcases many great classical music as well all performed by characters in the show.

Kousei Arima was once a musical genius who could play each piece perfectly just as it was originally written. He was then known as "the human metronome" for his perfection at the piano. The sudden death of his mother took away his ability to hear the notes, so he never touched a piano again.

Two years later, he meets Kaori Miyazono a violinist who is short tempered, crazy and up beat. Her passionate, care-free playing style entranced Kousei to once again play the piano, but can he do it after 2 years of being unable to hear the notes?

I enjoyed this anime there was a couple times I wanted to cry due to some emotional moments mostly the end. The story and music blend perfectly to make this a great experience to watch. I liked the main characters, and you just hope the whole time that Kousei can get through his past and play the piano once more. I give this anime an 8/10 for the music, story, and characters who bring it all to life.

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