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Zatch- Bell- Anime Review

It is now time for me to show everyone my favorite anime for Favorites Month! I'll be showcasing anime I remember loving and thinking are 100% worth a watch. Some will be the ones I fondly remember watching years ago, while others are recent favorites. Zatch bell is one of the former an anime I watched a lot in middle/high school, but haven't seen it since so will my thoughts change?

The Plot

Every 1,000 years 100 Mamodo children, are sent to earth to fight for the position of the Mamodo King. In order to fight, they must find their book owner who can read the spells, so they can attack and defend themselves from other Mamodo.

Kiyo is one of those "lucky" book owners after his dad finds Zatch in England and sends him to Kiyo to be taken care of. Kiyo and Zatch meet new friend's rivals and enemies in Zatch's path to be the Mamodo King.

My Review

I still greatly enjoyed this series but it's a shame the dub never covered all the eps and all the 150 eps of the anime didn't even cover all the volumes of the manga, so the only way to know the true ending is to read the manga(which I will do but again, it'll take a while). This series is also one of those anime that it is hard to pinpoint the age range on it between kids and teens. I find the series to be fairly child friendly, but then of course it's fairly dark on making children fight each other to be the king(even against their will). If you want a series like Pokemon but with children fighting with magic powers then maybe this series will peak your interest.

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