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Japan Crate is an mystery box which is full of Japanese snacks, and treats. All boxes also come with a theme and a drink. This ones theme is Cherry Blossoms. Lets see whats in store for this month.

Far Left: Strawberry Wheat Chocolate

These had an nice wheat and strawberry taste.

Upper Far Left: Gundam the Witch from Mercury Tomato Snack

I love these savory snacks that are full of flavor.

Lower Left: Grape Soda Gummy

Not very fizzy, but was good.

Middle: Snack sticks with 11 veggies

As expected these are good savory sticks.

Upper Middle: Pure Potato Butter and Rock Salt

Salty and savory and flavorful chips.

Lower Middle: Bisco strawberry mini pack

These biscuits were light on the flavor, but great at the same time.

Right: Whistle Candy

These were like Smarties, which is a good thing.

Far Right: White Chocolate Asparagus

As weird as these seem they were delicious, Id eat them again for sure.

Upper Left: Strawberry Pocky

These Strawberry chocolate pocky were heaven.

Lower Far Left: Petite Donut Biscuit

These were bland and didn't taste much like anything.

Lower Left: Fruit Donut Gummy

fruity and peachy what more could you ask for?

Middle: Strawberry Roll Cake

Very soft but little flavor.

Lower Middle: Mini Peach hard Candy

These taste just like a fresh peach.

Right: Strawberry Marble Gum

These are fairly flavorless and bland.

Upper Right: Fish Chew Sticks

I didn't like these at all, though i rarely like fish flavored things.

Far Right: Fermented Rice Drink

This was surprising good and sweet.

I'm just got back from Japan(why this review is late) so what is more fitting then getting back into Japan Crate? Japan Crate is an mystery box full of Japanese snacks and candy. There is also bonus items, a drink and a DIY candy kit inside each box. Now Japan crates do themes for each month so I decided to get back into them for the different themed months. each crate is $49.95 including shipping. Lets see what I got for the Box of Love!

These are all the treats listed on page one of my booklet. Each Crate comes with a booklet to tell you what each item is.

(Top Left) Fettuccine Italian Grape Gummy- Grape flavored gummies

I had these gummies before and as always they are a favorite.

(Bottom Left)Beware The Sour Grape- grape flavored gum with 1 extreme sour one

I love this one as both the sour and not sour flavors are great.

(Top Middle Left)Chocolate Umaibo- A puffed rice stick covered in chocolate

I had this one before too and I love the chocolate covered salty rice stick flavor.

Bottom Middle Left)Barley Chocolate Puffs- Barley covered chocolate

I did not care for these they tasted like mocha coffee and as an non-coffee fan they didn't impress.

(Middle)Prime Crackers Spicy Camembert- Spicy Camembert flavored cheese crackers

I hated these and so did everyone in my house who tried them. Not even my spicy loving brother liked them. They have a weird salty cream taste and then an spicy aftertaste.

(1st right)Policky Brown Sugar Sticks- Pretzal stick with a brown sugar coating

These are my favorite things in this box with a salty sweet combo.

(2nd Right)Kanpai Ramune Candy- Ramune soda flavored candy

If you love the chalky smarties candies you'll love this as much as I do.

(End Right)Shake Shake Grape Jelly Drink- Grape flavored jelly drink

The texture is a bit werid but this is a great flavor drink.

These are the Page 2 items.

(Far left)Dipping Pero Chocolate Sticks- Biscuit sticks with chocolate dipping sauce

These are similar to Yan Yan where you dip baked sticks into chocolate. I do think these taste a bit better though.

(Bottom Far Left)Sumikko Gurashi Gum

This is a fairly flavorless gum.

(Top middle Left)Snow March Salted Chips- Japanese grown potato chips

The chips aren't too greasy, but they don't have a lot of flavor.

(Bottom Middle Left)Hello Kitty Chocolate- White and milk chocolate

Pretty good for cheap chocolate.

(Middle)Sequoia Strawberry Chocolate Bar- Chocolate and strawberry covered wafer

This is another top candy for me in this box. The chocolate strawberry combo with wafer is to die for.

(Bottom Right)Tomica Chocolate

Another okay cheap chocolate.

(Mid Right)Hokkaido Cream Chocolate- creamy chocolate filled chocolates

These were great chocolates with a creamy center.

(Top Right)Mike's Popcorn Salt Butter- Butter flavored popcorn

Good quality popcorn and a great taste.

These items are the bonus items in this month's crate.

(Left) Kit-Kat Milk Tea flavor

Strange flavor that is strangely good.

(top Middle)Card from Japan Crate that says I'm unlucky in love.

Luckily with the lucky cat maybe my luck will turn around.

(Bottom Middle)Lucky cat of love.

I love the cute cat that will bring me love.

(Right) D.I.Y Soda flavored Ice cream kit

Obviously not real ice cream, but it hit the spot.

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  • Writer's pictureRose Hood

If you don't remember what a Boxuchan is it is an anime DVD mystery box that is catered to you. You fill out a survey when you order on your anime tastes and you'll get a box that has anime that matches what you like. The Deluxe box has 2 complete series, a figure, and one additional item that can be anything from manga, plush, CELs, and an anime movie. It is $89.99 including shipping. Let's see what I got.

When I updated my survey(you can change it at anytime) I put I love anime that features yokai and I think they did well on that.

Re-Kan! Complete Series- This series is on a girl named Hibiki who can see spirits and keeps roping in her new friend Narumi into crazy situations involving the spirits they meet. I think this fits well with what I asked for and I think it'll be a good time to review.

Sasami-San, @ Ganbaranai Complete series- A girl who is a shut in has her brother who is a teacher at the school she wishes to go to record his experiences there. However, things start getting crazy and make her think reality is stranger than fiction. This is another good find by Boxuchan and I like the mystery aspect of it.

Kikuchi "Low Tier Character Tomozaki Kun"- Figure I never heard of the anime and I wish these boxes didn't have to come with figures but it is what it is. It looks nice though.

Devil's Candy Manga- A student at demon school is a genius and creates his own "human" who wrecks havoc on the school. Looks like an interesting manga, will review this single volume below:

This manga, though it's likely not a true manga as it reads left to right. It was an interesting story on a demon kid who goes to school full of monsters and creates a girl for a school project. The girl has to learn everything including how to speak but is very powerful so, of course chaos ensues. Each chapter is pretty formulaic girl, either causing confusion or solving problems, but creating more problems in the process. I think it'd be fine as a short story, but I quickly lost interest.

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